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MD Message



At Perfect Rays Technologies Pvt Limited, our vision is to transform the idea of solar power into a reliable, affordable, consistent source of clean energy for different sectors of society, businesses and organizations. We have put together a very strong team of design, installation and maintenance experts from across the country to offer a unique experience to our clients.

We envision our role as the nation’s largest design, installation and finance company for solar power systems, including off-grid and grid-connected plants. It serves our interest to be amenable to emerging technologies, without being bound by conventional methods. With this, we can always provide the most efficient modules developed through constant R&D in any corner of the world. We would prefer to remain so in the near future. However, we are very eager to tie up with technology providers in the areas of modules, inverters, etc.

– Mr. Balwan Choudhary

(Managing Director)

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